Thursday, September 23, 2010

Titan Progress - Dashboard lights

Hi Guys!

Sorry for the delay school has been really kicking the crap out of me this week so I'm afraid this will be a combination of this week's and last week's post.

I started working on the titan's dashboard. First up I sawed a multi-led to make it flat, then painted the sides and bottom black (to stop any light bleeding out where I don't want).

Then I tested them in the dashboard.

Next up I soldered some wires onto another LED this little amber guy will go in the third slot.

Next up the dashboards needed painting, so I found some nice gray Tamiya paint that worked great in my airbrush and I sprayed the 4 dashboards.Of course this required a test fitting.

Next up was installing the lights in their correct place.
And finally wiring the resisters up and getting it to work. I took a quick movie instead of taking pictures as it shows off the Multi-LED's "animation" better.

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