Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flesh Tide... man up !IG ground pounder army

I have been SLOWLY building the Ig's squad by squad. I Air brushed the base coat on, and have been going at it in waves...waves of 10.
Hey Army Men! Ah brings you back to your child hood does it not? A bucket of green men.

Ok here is the first squad... notice any thing?How about now?

Some may say Hey those are not Cadian heads....and you would be correct. My bud Grim on the Freebootas forum sent me some PigIron head to try out before buying 160+ of them. Thanks man esp for sending them all the way from Jolly ole' England.

I think they worked fairly well....
Send in the Next 10!
Then the next 40.....ugh!

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