Monday, September 13, 2010

More progress on the Warhounds

Hi guys!
Just thought I'd give y'all an update on the titans. I've hit a bit of a mental block on the predators and decided to switch back to the warhounds for a bit.

First up I added some armor to the roof/top of the body.

Then we gave it some rivets.

We also added a door

And finally we've started working on the lights for the dash board.

However after coming up with some cool lights we realized that the dashboards were a little too far into the cockpit to be seen well, so to remedy this it required sawing off about 1/2 and inch of side panel detail from the cockpit!

In case you're wondering what the pink thing is, it's a titan holder designed from insulation foam. It allows me to work on the titans upper body with out it shifting around all the time.

We're hoping to have these 4 guys done by Christmas with paint and everything and it's looking like that will happen. Up next is more dashboard lights, then painting the interior

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