Monday, September 6, 2010

Painting Predators: Part I

Last week I showed you how I had basecoated some tanks. Later this week I basecoated the magnetized turrets, and I have started painting them.

Here are photos of the 3 assembled tanks. The weapons and stowage racks on the back are magnetized so later when I get different weapons I will be able to swap them.

The left side of a tank where i will be showing the progress.

The first step is painting all of the areas that will be white Adeptus Battle Grey.

Next I paint all of the areas that will be parchment Khemri Brown. In my Legion of the Damned post I mentioned I used Scorched Brown, but I have recently switched over to Khemri Brown to give the parchments a lighter look when finished.

A trick that I use to keep up a decent pace and to find time to paint I try to put at least 1 color down every night. If I have time I'll put down another color.

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