Monday, June 7, 2010

Thunderhawk PT 5: Landing soon near you!

A little test fit on the Battlefoam Pack M.A.X.
Gear Down , Lights on.....
Profile shot...
The ever popular 3/4ths Facebook shot.

I'm still working on it if you all have not guessed. It is taking longer than the Reaver Battle titan did. Some very difficult areas to paint. The engines on the wings have been an absolute P.I.T.A.
I broke out the Air brush ....finally and did the base coat of Black Chrome Trim ( really flat black that is smooth not matte finished) and the British Crimson...They are the same colors for my armada of Land Raiders. The lights are fully integrated and work perfectly. I'm Currently working on the Hellfire missiles... adding magnets so that you can remove them.
Steady work...bit it is shaping up well.

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