Thursday, May 13, 2010

Forge Tables

We all have our cozy and some not so cozy places that we work at. Everybody needs a place to build and paint a fig. When I first got into this hobby the place to go was at the store itself. To work on models in store gave several advantages of associating with like friends; besides, everything that you will need will probably be there to buy should you need to. Well, as time goes on, the family got bigger and so did my responsibilities. Like so many of you, I had to make gaming closer to home in terms of play and modeling.
Essentially I have two spots to work on the models. The one inside is basically a small area dedicated to working and brush painting models. It's nice with descent lighting and I get to hang out more with my best friend (my wife).
If I need to crank out a mad conversion or do some serious painting then the garage is where it's at. The two 4X8 gaming tables double as worktables for massive projects. All of the spray paint and airbrush tools are out there. On the work benches you can find drills, solder guns, files, clippers, and just about any other manner of tools of the trade are there. It has taken some time at some expense to get where I need it to be. Am I bragging, sure, it's my slice of heaven!


Jamie has pretty much the same setup. The pic posted doesn't do the total scope of his operations justice. He literally has a vault room full of boxed and unfinished models! We broke in his new gaming table that we built just a few months back. We played Nids vs. his SM force with a Reaver titan support. I can think of no better way to christen it by smearing fresh steaming bug guts all over it! Am I bragging about it, hell no! That was hell for my Nids to go through!

I invite you to post links to your forge tables at home or in the store in our comments section to give everyone an idea what it's like for your hobby area. Thanks!