Monday, June 7, 2010

Any guess what my next army is going to be?

2 new Battleboxes
1 old Battlebox ( LRBT one)
4 10 man squads
3 Valks
2 New FW Vults
another 2 Baneblades ( one for a very evil conversion ,Nids and horde armies and Aircraft beware)
1 more Shadowsword ( Iron Saint? Yep)
1 Armored fist box (Chimera & 10 man sqd)
2 Command Squads
Creed & Kell
IG advisers x2
2x Psycher Primaris
6 assorted Commissars
4 Sniper blisters ( so 8)
Oh and the Emperor's Fist Tank co.... with Forge world turrets !

just need 3 Manticores
and one more Battle box....
Paint scheme is picked as is the back ground.... In-fact the paint is already purchased.

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