Friday, April 23, 2010

As Expected the Memphis Battle Bunker (GW NA HQ ) is reopening!

Well The south east USA finally will gt a "second" (like 4th or 5th really) chance at having a GW store.

For the Memphis area this is a good thing. From my understanding the last GW store ran the other FLGS out of business , then promptly closed. There have been a few smaller stores to open since then but it has not been much.

The main thing is that this is the "New" North America HQ for GW. It moved from MD to Memphis where the NA warehouse and factory was, consolidating the operations once Kerby came across the pond to run the NA side of things.

I wonder if you will be able to order FW stuff from the store there, like the old days?

Any how here is the press release. Any one up for a trip?

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