Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not exactly 40k , but intresting none the less

There is a new edition of the Warhammer historicals about to come to market...No word on whether or not it will be "widely" distributed or it will be only FW...

I may have to get a copy and give it a review.

BTW ...I've been sick as a dog since past weekend and have gotten nothing done on the T-hawk.
I've been to Radioshack or the "Jack $#itshack" ( you can quote me on that btw lol) as I will now call them since they don't stock anything remotely useful to the project, it seems that all they do now stock is prepaid cell phones and over priced HDMI cables.....Remind me Why exactly does Best Buy want to buy them?

Guess I will turn to the interwebs like I do for every thing else.

Also the fire works at Thunder over Louisville Rocked....700,000 people, 10 barges fill with high explosives, closing 2 Federal interstate bridges and loading them with more fireworks, Hugh air show ( God like I needed to be reminded how much the B1B lancer rocks!), only down side... 500"thunderpots" that's right kids 500 port -o-pots/loos for 700,000 people! Can you say "unsanitary"? the show lasted for about 30-45 minutes.... and other than the once every 4 years Olympic openings this is the biggest fireworks display held on an annual basis....
If you have a chance to go to KY for the Derby , this is something not to miss, as well as the Patton museum of armor at Ft. Knox....

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