Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sorry for the Delay on the Thunderhawk Build

I started working on the Thawk on Xmas Eve. I got about half way threw trimming the flash gates and the beginning of sanding....and then the wife threw a new variable in....

She got another dog, specifically a very young Lab. So No free time when I get home from work to go upstairs to work on it. The puppy has to go out every 2 hours at the max.

I'll be lucky if I can really get going on it again by Feb.

Any how , I'll post picts of what I finished up tonight.

There is a TON of flash and flash gates.... I've had to use the heat gun on more than one occasion and there is going to be some Green stuff / putty work.

Advice to all.... DON'T get a ThunderHawk from Forgeworld unless you are up for a very serious challenge.... like Kroot Ox challenge. Wait till Gw releases the plastic one this year..... Yes I said this year , but I may have said too much already.

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