Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Kalm before the Waaagh Update

From what I've been told it is sold out!
The 60 slots are all booked up, and the Warboss is taking a wait list/substitute list now for the expected no shows- drop outs. So if you really wanted to go, and did not get in, contact the Warboss and beg borrow and Steal.

There are always drop outs ( I was one of them , it snowed and the wife freaked out, In the deep south if it snows the whole state shuts down for like a week, and me being from the mid west 1-2" is like any rainy day !)

It only took 9 days , which is fairly quick for a "local" event. The first year some one from Mississippi or Mobile were the farthest travelers, this year not by a long shot! This year there are some people coming from the West coast ( Cali ,WA),the Mid west (Ohio), and the South west (AZ).
A ton of people form Mississippi, Tenn, the Peach State.

Kind of surprising that AL did not have all that many sign up.
Stay tuned for more up coming info on the event, there could be some Surprises!
I know that there will be good Prize support, but the main thing is that there will be great times had by all!

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