Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thunderhawk build :part 1

I know it does not look like much but it was like 2 hours of work with a dedicated heat gun just straightening it all out.

I know some people will say Boiling water does the trick , my response is "well yes it does, but what do you do when the part is about 18"+ inches long"... go to a closed school or Prison to borrow one of the Mega pots? Yeah you get my point.

This is the "Before" picture.... note the resemblance to a Banana

and here is the "After"
And here are a few more to show that the front is now straight enough to start the test fit for the Assault ramp and nose.
I know it's just the first "baby"steps, but it is a major deal so that I cna test fit every thing and figure out what all needs to be sanded/filled. If the stuff was not straight, it would have been a P.I.T.A.

I will start sanding tomorrow since I have a Half day at work and No Xmas shopping or parties to go to... Yes I have no friends.... Pitty Party !


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