Friday, December 18, 2009

The Kalm Before the Waaagh 2010 !

IT's BAAAAAAACK... one of the Best little "friendly" tournaments in the country...

Several of the big personalities in the industry have rated it on the "must To-DO List" every year. In the same vein as Adepticon but with southern charm and more "cozy" ( read as Smaller).

It is at a new loctaion and looks to be like the same old hijinks... FUN!

Its run buy some the 40k half of the Big Waaagh.... So it is a Non ASS-HAT admitted turny.

You can play to win but if you are one of the following don't attend:
a: Ass-Hat...
b: under 21, you will be stopped at the door, there is an open bar! Adult beverages served
c: Can't play to have fun while while ... well... playing... you can still play to win but don't be a jerk ( Yeah I suck but , well I know I Suck, take it easy on me !)

THERE IS LIMITED SPACE! Every year the slots book up well in advance... DO NOT WAIT if your are Thinking of coming... Last year it booked up in like under a week.

This is a Truly Unique event that is a lot of fun, before the serious big time turny's and Gt's start.
Good chance to try out your new army builds against competitive players in a relaxed environment.

See you all there!

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