Friday, December 18, 2009

Major Build anouncement! FW Thunderhawk...

I Finally have got in to the building and modeling mood again.

While the wife was ordering presents on my PC last night I started on the next major Project for Game-Headz....

Forge World Thunderhawk...

I ordered this after I got back from the Big Waaagh this year along with some other Resin that I either sold there or new kits had come out. It was a Large order so the customary Free express shipping was involved...

On the initial kit opening I was impress by the size and that it came with all the Hellstrikes it could carry instead of hitting you up for them separately like on the IG superheavy flyers...

After looking at things a big more I was a bit dismayed at some of the casting... needless to say on the main Hull it was very Poor. The main hull was bent like a Banana and had a slight twist to it...the interior details were not well cast, almost like not enough resin was used. I later come to find out hull was this way due to the Age of the Molds that were used... The Reaver I built earlier this year at the time had only 379 uses or so , while the Thunderhawk was at least double that and the design and casting was much older and less modular....That being there are Large and Thick highly detail parts on the T-hawk, while on the Reaver the Parts are big but several SMALLER (kinda) parts would go together to make a Larger Sub Assemble, so large Number of highly detailed "smaller" parts ( legs are 97 parts by themselves from the waist down to give you a rough Idea of the numbers we are talking about), which helps in the casting process , less wear and tear on the molds , and more detail...

I had previously posted a pict of how bent the T-hawk hull was, so for me this time on this build
I will have to do things differently than on the Reaver. It will not progress any where as fast.
I will start putting up picts as I go most likely starting tonight.

I don't think I will be able to really break things down to Major sub assembly's at all. The guns, missiles and engines can be slightly done by them selves , while the wings and cockpit to a point can be also.

I started cleaning up and straightening the "lower" hull last night. Jason donated a good heat gun to the cause , and it did wonders , but I will have to work on it bit more and post some before and after picts.

So order of build:
Inspection and catalogue of parts
Clean up and straightening
Test fitting of major sub assemblies
Chemical degreaser bath ( 4-7 days) detail clean up ( there is a TON of mold release on this kit very greasy and has very apparent Sheen to it)
Send major parts to Jason for Air brushing
Cockpit/lower hull Assembly/assault ramps
Upper hull/canopy
Tail section & engines
Weapon systems (bolters, Turbolaser, Missiles)
Details and touch up.

The paint colors right now will be my death wing colors Testors Black Chrome trim ( wich ironically is a very flat black and not metallic at all) English desert red ( well it's a redish Testors Metallic black... With Bolt gun , Bloody red, Burnished gold, and a couple of the Silver and whites from GW for details and highlights...

I have yet to decide if I will put Atmospheric scoring on it or other weathering , or leave it "Factory Fresh" . Jason no doubt will push for the weathering, with the really good weathering he has started doing to all his IG stuff.

I've never been big on that , but have recently done some weathering on several FW terrain kits.

Well the adventure has begun. I and kinda going at this blind , since the Instructions really suck compared to the Titans from FW and I've yet to find a Good build up of one with Photos..
I'll try and detail it as much as I can , And really suck meaning a 4-5 page photocopied instruction sheet vs a 23+page with tips and detailed sub Assembly instructions.

Praise be to the Tech Marines and the the Machine god ( we all know its the Void Dragon, stop Hiding it)....

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