Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Xmas stuff from GW

Sorry upfront, for well being infrequent in posting, Work has had both me and Jason tied down tight. Here is a product update.

Reds8n posted the Euro picts for some of the big boxes for Xmas time

First the Biggie...
Yep it is exactly the same one from the PS codex...
2 please!
The two mega forces are fairly tame , and not really news worthy for what they include, but What the DON'T INCLUDE!First the Marines... a Pred, a rhino, a Dread, 2 Tac squads, 5 man Assault, and 5 man Scout sniper sqd... For me very under whelming at $175 + , but good for the people that are expanding a generic marine army... nothing chapter specific, and units that Every one can Use.
Next... the orks...
I'm not an ork player , but It looks to be a box of Loota& and burnas, 3 boys boxes , 3 boxes of 3 bikes, and a Truk.... yet again great for building up an existing army. It is over the $200 mark , and both mega boxes are "limited" so get them while you can.

Then from Bols:

Nid stuff here are your 3 new nids...
Pyrovore: (rumored to be a fire-based biovore variant giving the nids a strong indirect fire option)
Toxathrope: (probably the bug above, and sounding like a minor variant of a malanthrope/zoanthrope based on its name, size, and appearance)
Trygon: (the big guy himself, but still no word of whether its in the codex, or Apocalypse only)

Call me Underwhelmed! We ( at least I) have yet to see the stats, but with the one pict above I'm not that impressed... Hodge podge of Ravener/Malenthrope/Lictor... and the oft rumored Tyrgon.

Word on the street is that the demo Nids will be in store the first week of Dec last week of Nov, and the they actually be up for sale "Jan 2nd" in the states. I don't know what will be in that wave or how the waves will be broken up...

3 price points have popped up though:
It's your guess as to what is priced as what.

All of the picts are assumed to come from either the euro dealer info packets or Euro WD that has not hit our shores yet.

Thanks to both Reds8en and Bols.

Other news
BA will be out next year after Nids, look for late spring launch period.

Alessio has stated as well as other sources that : don't expect the Dark eldar any earler than oct 2010 or march 2011... which fits with what I have been saying... nid/BA/___/de or ___/de or ___ with at least 1 of the blanks being marine or imperial , and one being most likely a rule book expansion.

So there is your year, throw in a small wave of IG ( tanks/artil/chemiera) and possably a wave of some Orks ( plastic buggies/ Dreads/plastic cans/plastic mega nobs) and Demons (New big guy and some smaller lessor stuff that was sighted yet again at UK GD) with a good chance for a Mega big Apoc release ( Warhound/Thawk/Tbolt).

I finished up the crashed Valk and I'll post some picts in the next day or two...

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