Friday, October 9, 2009

Breaking Codex News....Blood Angels after nids , and that is only half the story!

Bolter and Chain Sword have some "leaks" on the new Blood Angel codex due in March or April of next year.

Normally with how tight GW is now on ANY release that is a major coupe.
Word is that the Italian GD MAY have some stuff sneaking out. Word is Assault troops as... well Troops and the army is VERY Assaulty ( no offense, every one should have expected this like the flu and college football in the fall). Psy powers take a decidedly Vamperic/ Bloody undertone.
The Boxes should follow the mark set by the Space wolves. Major upgrade box to modify every thing , then a couple stand alones ( Baal Pred in all plastic? Death Co in plastic? Furiso Dread?) with new and re-released Hq's to boot.

So you would think I'm done.... nope not by a long shot.

Edited new info has come out! No angels of Death :(

The BA's are only one of 2 Marine codexes for next year. No word on the second Marine codex but there will be 4 or 5 new 40k projects for next year.

So #1 Nids
#2 BA's after that? One other Marine dex.... the other 2 projects are not known at this point, but a Xenos and some rule book expansion ( Planetstrike, Apoc, COD) would be good bets.

Sorry to jump to conclusions on the DA's

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