Thursday, October 8, 2009

New/ Rereleased Stuff comming out late this year.

The Imperial Sector

Imperial Sector Looks to be getting it's annual re launch This Xmas time.
If you have ever wanted a ton of really good terrain it is a can't miss. It's basically 10 of the various COD boxes. Usually it has a couple extra accessory sprews thrown in. I know some may think I'm crazy on the grand scheme of the things I build or some of the stuff Jason Cooks up, so if you are thinking of a Huge Base / Titan/ PDF gun , this would go a long way towards that goal and have a good bit of stuff left over....

Look for it in the $99-125 range(£48.95).

Second is new bit of kit.
Fortress of Redemption.....

The Fortress of Redemption is the very cool Prefab structure that was originally rumored to come out with the Planetstrike stuff. It is a decent sized multi story Fortress originally constructed by the Dark Angels.... The word going around is that the DA stuff on it will be dropped or toned down and the kit will be very limited run. Most stores will be lucky to get 1-2 and that's it, like the Imp Strong point. I think we got 3 and they sold out very quickly, and even though they were still/ are still listed on GW's web portal stores can't order them even Direct only.... Look for it to be in the same $99-125 area (£58.70)... order early and often... (thanks mutiple sources including Scryer and others at Warser and Dakka)

The next two are not really a shock but a bit surprising with the way Gw has been moving with less for more...
A New Space Marine Mega force and ORK Mega Force in the $175-200 price range(£97.85 each, now hearing the Orks will be at the $200 price point while the Marines are at $175). No clue on what either contain, but usually they are fairly decent and if you were thinking of starting either army both might be worth a look.

Lastly the Imperial Strongpoint...
They were a splash release when they came out in July , Good value for whats in the box. As I say get your order in early and often if you are thinking of building a big project or table and need some good "Cheaper" terrain , the buying in bulk is a good idea, cause you never know when you are going to need them and usually it's a 1 time a year or every other year when they come out. Same price as this summer $99.

Nids confirmed as we already know

Possible changes to White dwarf Mag, with it either moving online or publishing being out sourced
This came from Bloomburg financial news on like Friday with a heads up to the 40k radio freebootas....

I'm hearing one of two scenarios for next years releases
either a whole lot of Marines with Nids ( which will see the BA,BT, DA all coming out) or Whole lot of Xenos with just the Blood Angels ( Nid, BA, Cron,Tau DE in 2k11 in that order)....
The latter seems to be the flavor for this month with Tau now in the mix for late next year , for a TAU-RIFFIC Holiday period!

I'm still saying next year will be WHFB VERY Heavy with a new Rule book. So only look for 2-3 codexs next year for 40k ( that's me but not what many others are expecting). Also look for a major Apoc push in late spring with a couple surprises...BIG Surprises (hint hint).

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