Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nid Price points for new dex


Let me thank Scryer up front for these... My Ninja skills have been lacking recently.
Hiveguard £12.00 / US$20.00 / 17,50€ / Oz$33.00
Toxatroph £12.00 / US$20.00 / 17,50€ / Oz$33.00
Pyrovore £20.00 / US$33.00 / 26,00€ / Oz$55.00
Hormagaunts £15.00 / US$??.?? / 19,50€ / Oz$41.00
Termagaunts £15.00 / US$??.?? / 19,50€ / Oz$41.00
Gargoyles £18.00 / US$29.00 / 22,75€ / Oz$48.00
Raveners £27.00 / US$44.50 / 35,00€ / Oz$74.00
Battleforce £60.00 / US$??.?? / 85,00€ / Oz$165.00

Which just leaves us with:

99060106064 £10.00 / US$16.50 / 13,00€ / Oz$28.00
99120106019 £30.00 / US$49.50 / 39,00€ / Oz$83.00

And given that's "3 new Plastic kits and 3 new metal models", the £10 metal blister is looking like a Bitz Pack like I originally said."

The so called Toxatroph and Pyrovore and Hive Guard are all said to be metals
The Raveners is a box of 5 plastics
The Gargoyles are plastic
The "Gaunt" boxes have already started showing up in Europe, and the box art is different ( new weapon paint on Hive fleet Behemoth) but the models are old , just broken in to 2 different boxes.
The last plastic kit is most likely the Trygon at 49.50
The names of the new stuff MAY change since the were ninjaed from a German source by way of the Dude on warseer.

No clue on the "Hiveguard"
Pryovore is said to work like a Basilisk Artil with flames/melta/ lance type properties
The codex designer was quoted saying you will be able to field MORE Carni's in a army than previously.... Expect some form of Old' one Eye leader 'fex to accomplish this.... ( no offence I thought 6 was TOO MANY to start with Can you imagine 9-12 in a single army? Holy skewered Humans Batman!)
No Flying Tyrant model... :( have to go to FW or scratch built it.

I'll update this if needed... but I think i'v hit the big stuff..
Thanks Scryer & the Dude at Warseer....

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