Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Stuff

Some new stuff has come out recently for you to spend your Children's college fund or the family's Xmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah money on.

Forge world...
Well If this latest release has not confirmed IA8 will be Orks vs IG air cav I don't know what will


This big boy Looks the part and has some fairly "Orky" rules to match.
Currently its in the $180+ area so it's fairly expensive for a 295pt 3 structure point tank , that he sponcens are extra points and cost $.

Next is the OrkMega Dread...
This thing slots in between Deff Dread and Stompa in size...

This thing is very well detailed the picts of the rear of it really show the work put in to it. Like all of FW Walkers now the arms are separate, so if you get one DON'T FORGET THE WEAPONS/ARMS. All Dreads and Titans now come this way.

This thing reminds me of a Mech from Battle tech or Mechwarrior ... with a Orky spin, I really like it a lot.

Next would be the FW Weathering powders, which is Ironic since I just bought some of a different make. The full set at $26 is actually a great deal compared to the make-up compact sized set I got at $13. No clue on how well it works... It would not surprise me a bit if the stuff was made by MIG.

Next is some IG stuff.

Col "Iron hand" Straken and Gunnery Sgt. Hawker both Direct only ( we can order them you you want)
Both are new to the IG line up and are for the Catachans....
Think Rambo with an M60.... or If you are in to G.I.Joe Roadblock with his M2 browning

Then there are some Bitz sets .... All metal , all direct notice a trend....
Ig Vech. Crew
Ig Heads
Ig Stoage
Ig Tank commanders
Ig Aquilas pack

Space Hulk....
Well it came out on the 5th....
in England and major cities it's sold out...
In the USA it was still available till like Friday night on the GW page ( by way of the most awesome pod cast 40k radio), and it now looks like it is Back in stock... You may want to give them a call before ordering... It may be out and they have not updated the stock on line.

Space Wolves....
advanced orders are up...
Basically you have :
Grey hunter Termies 5 man box

SW Upgrade box ( 40 + heads, 10 Wolves, enough wolf plets and tails to make me think the Fenris wolves may be going extinct)You can use it to upgrade normal Marines, Devs, and Scouts.


SW Box... (2 10 man sw upgrade packs , 5 scouts, and a drop pod)

Then all the Metal commanders that are splash releases then got to Direct. including the much maligned Robo Super Roided out Wolf and rider... Canis Wolfborn..

No vehicles ...yet
Nids just after the turn of the year, Blood Angels either the same time or just after ( ties in nice with Space Hulk Huh?).

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