Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DoW 2 : Chaos Rising.... exp. pack

Even thought the game looked visually stunning, it was no where near as well received as DOW1 and it's expansions... ( personally I thought it sucked... Once I beat it I have never played it again vs me playing DOW 1 and the expansion packs frequently, only ONE playable race in Single player? what a massive leap BACKWARDS!). Some how it sold enough to warrant an expansion.

DoW2 : Chaos Rising... any one want to bet what the game is about?
Apparently you can continue on from where you left off in the first game, and there are chaos tainted weapons that are very powerful but have consequences from their use.... DUH...
Squad cap was raised to a whopping 30 from the previous 20... so now you may be able play all your units , but no word on if they corrected the ass hat unit numbers... 3 man termie squad?

here is the link:

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