Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Fw Stuff.... some demons and a NEW TAU Suit!

The are some new Demons.... Basically just new versions of the Blood slaughterer and Defiler.. One Nurgel and a Khorn one with a Harpoon type weapon.. that basically pulls its targets to it.... ( Lash any one?)
For me and 71.9 % of the fellow 40k players the big news and surprise...... the Tau are getting a new Suit.... not just a Modified XV-8x series Crisis suit, but a new design from the ground up. I had been hearing that there would be a new Suit based on the XV-22 that Shadow Sun uses, but that was WAY off the mark...

First its name XV-9 "Hazard" series ( note the series meaning more than one)

The Tau are learning..... Adapting to their weak points.... Close Combat and durability.
Yes this suit is a better CC suit... and it will have people throwing fits since it runs in the typical squads of 3 but the whole squad has Retro rockets/thrusters.... Yes the suits can attack get in CC , then "Jump" out of CC for more shooting.. And Shoot it does...

The Base suit has 2 twin-linked burst cannons. There are more variants on the way and it can "fluff wise" pack more firepower or stronger firepower than the comparable XV-8x series. The rules are up... too

Defensive grenades, can dump drones if it gets in CC, Retro rockets, Multi Track, one other sensor from list, Acute Senses...

The suit is bigger then the Xv-8 and FW XV-8x's and reminds me a bit of the suit that the Tau commander wore in DoW1 mixed with a Mech Warrior mech named "Spyder".
I like it , but I can wait to see wait other weapon fits come out.

The big thing to me is the Rumors of Tau vs _____ for IA 9 look to be true. Ive heard few names thrown around : Ad Mech , Eldar, Cron and Nid... the Ad Mech have been on the short list for a while. The Eldar have creeped up with some new stuff coming out from FW( big Tanks like Super heavies)

here are the FW exp. rules

Thanks as always to FW... going where GW won't or can't... keep the drum beating

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