Monday, September 28, 2009

Nids in Brief & other GD UK rumors

Nids confirmed for Jan 2010.
3 new plastic kits
3 new metal kits....Confirmed.
No word on What is plastic or what is metal. On any semi closed door sightings other than the cover which has been getting hammered in the forums.
The metal surprises me since just yesterday Jervis (GD UK 09 in seminar) said they are moving every thing to plastic.

Also The dex is said to rely on the Hord aspect of the army instead of the different Biomorphs that v 4th ed had. Read this as less options, lower cost, more Gaunts. Gaunts are said to be both Cheaper points and cost wise... I'm predicting and IG style 10 Gaunts for 22 which would be $$ more expensive. So Stock up while you can....hint hint...
Stealers are said to be elites now and can only be troops with by taking the Broodlord.

Codex cover from GW all rights and props to them...

Other news from GDUK...
All you xenos lovers .... can light up the torches and get the pitch forks out and start sharpening them up. GD all but confirmed BA Marines next year , as well as expect MORE Marines before more Xenos... No word on DE or cron... so BT,DA,WS,BR,IH and any other marine faction go do a dance....So MORE marines will show up next year with the BAs....
I'm going for next year:
Jan 2010
March/April BA
Fall BT/DA
IG tanks some where in the summer.
Jan 2011
Ork 3rd wave

Some where you will also have Demons wave 2 come out, every has seen the new Demon Prince and Slenessh demons... just on when and why it's taking so long.

I don't think the Tau will pop up due to the surprise new Tau suit at FW last week. The have said more will be coming, and that no Cron and DE cause GW said no... wait till new dexes are out.

As Nelson from the Simpsons says " Ha-Ha"
I say "Eat it DE and Necron players, if you want them out sooner get more people to buy them."

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