Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Begun have the Foam Wars....

(Let me Preface this I'm am not picking sides or saying one is better than the other. I'm just stating the facts)

(EDIT both threads have been locked , but yet a 3rd thread has started at Dakka dakka)

I'll give credit where credit is due.

Sabol army transports are good cases at a more than fair price.
Battlefoam cases are Tanks, over engineered tough as nails with custom cut foam to your specs, at a more than exorbitant cost.
GW cases are smaller and cramped and have limited slots and foam but are ABS plastic and can take a licking and get every thing there in one piece and you can get them at any gw store....

For the most part the 3 of these companies have played "fairly" nice with each other for the time that they have been around. Each has it's own ranters and detractors too. To me each has it's own
clientele to which they cater too. There is some cross shopping ( me for instance , I have one of all three types of the cases but I'm torn between two) but for the most part once some picks one they stay with them... like Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge or Audi vs MB vs BMW..... then you have Hyundai come along (no ill will meant to Hyundai owners the Equis and Genesis cars are awesome)...

Some one trying to make a Benz at a Yugo price.....

Well it has happened finally in the foam transport arena. Things have gotten just down right hostile and aggressive. Legal suits are now involved, Rumors say that their may be a restraining order , and possibly fisticuffs too.

I'm going to restate I'm not picking sides just reporting what has been said.

It seems to have started on Dakka Dakka. A company started making a cheaper version of "a popular Space corridor table top game" Foam inserts.


this first thread was closed after about 4-6 days.
Some interesting things came out. Like how Battlefoam was started.. (Baseball bats Really? No clue, kinda cool though)

Then this thread was promptly opened I think this morning.


edit thread #3

I leave you all to read for your self , but things have gotten some what hostile, and many on the inter web are now calling this the "Foam Wars"...

Judging by some of the other comments people appear to be picking sides and some other persons are now trying to draw GW and Sabol in to this spat even though they have nothing to do with either of the original disputers...

All I got to say is that When Lawyers get involved in a dispute the only person that wins is the Lawyers Accountant and book keepers.

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