Friday, August 14, 2009

What's in the Box?

At just about every major 40k/GW fourm/newspage/blog there is a Thread that is very large....


Most people think it will be a version of Spacehulk...
But with some of the Gw info that has come out I'm clueless as tot he contents.

Limited 1 "print" run

Lower Numbers of production

Weight of box is 5.5 Kilos : just as a reference I just ordered a Thawk and Several Vultures and 2 Fw books , and that box weighed 6.5 kilos... and we all know Resin and hard back books weigh a ton. So either it is huge, has resin in it, or is absolutely jammed packed.

There are Tshirts being worn at GW stores with some interesting stuff on them

GW says that it has never been done before... so this is why the Spacehulk rumor has started to gather moss. Some still swear by it though.

There have been som 40k RPG based figures/ 3 x seen in some picts floating around with new item info sheets for said game. In one pict it looks like a Pit Beast and a Demurig... a Demurig is a basically a new fluff space Squat ( yes I said the S word shoot me) they are space traders that "help" the Tau and developed the Ion weapons that the Tau use. Think a Short "squat" humanoid in Terminator armor.... and Gencon is this weekend too, so with GW's German GD and Gencon going on it's a good time to launch a Board game or RPG....

The other rumor is it's a T-Halk, the weight is about right.... if it is I think I may buy a plane tix to Nottingham and go on a rampage at FW, since I literally just bought a T-Hawk. I happy to take one for the "Team" ( all Space Marine players) but the fact that I JUST bought one really does not sit well. The info is that there have been picts floating around of the Thawk prototype, It's been in WD and people did not realise it ( I did!) and some of the stuff coming out of GW is that to expect some really "LARGE" Apoc kits soon, and that the Thawk was like around 16 Baneblade sized Sprews and would take about 6 months of nothing but running the presses to get enough out for a splash release. Well GW in their Financial reports this year opened up a distribution/ FW mold facility / and Model manufacturing building in China to " keep up with the Demand".

Well we should find out this weekend, since they will start taking pre orders next week.
here's to it NOT being a Thawk.... Though I also would be very happy if it was...
I'm going 5/2 that it's Spacehulk.

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