Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Space hulk...

I Win!

GD Germany pretty much was a bust. The high-light .....Forgeworld as per normal this year. Chaos reaver ( maybe for sale by GD UK), new Ork truck and other vehicles, and get this: seated IG for the troop bays in Valk/Vendettas ( like the hordes of DKoK in the Gorgons).

The Staff were wearing....Terminator shirts while the attendees could buy Nid/genestealers t-shirts.... Humm what could this be? The Color for said staff was ....RED.... Blood Angels?

Updated: ( Red Termie helm with Nid Skulls on the other one.

GD big reveal was not at the GD but will be on an Email tomorrow.
100,000 box run (Update: May be larger but a limited run may go to Xmas time) , strict limit of 1 per customer. Any one else see an issue with this limited release....ebay price gouging to follow...

The pre order will start tomorrow with a store release of September 5th.
No word on price but I've heard 50-75GBP so like $85-123. For that price it better come with a lot , and apparently it weighs a ton ( 5.5 kilos).

Here's till tomorrow, hopefully I'll have more info on things other than SH.

The reatailer event was mostly WHFB skaven info with a touch of Wolves in Oct.

Phill Kelly let some info out on the wolves, but go check out warseer or Daka daka for that.
Basically : 2-4 boxes , can build a highly elite army or a troop based one. mainly built around Named Hq's

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