Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm working on it...

Man I a busy little bee..

way to much to do, so little time.

I have several terrain pieces I'm working on right now.
I have been trying to get the Apoc game set up with Jason
I have been trying to catalog ALL of my growing armies...
I've started on another wave of Marine stuff ( 20 Tacs and slowly building up some sniper scouts, the camo takes a long time, 25 more termies :) )

Sorry I have not been putting up much Work has been bad this week.

Hopefully I'll have some more for you latter on...

There have been some funny rumors about the Tau and Crons getting updated next dex....lol, ROTFLOL

Space wolves
with some Orks around the turn of the year... for sure!

Then things get Hazy
Blood angels/nids
Ig ( LR and Bazzie) and Apoc some where in the mid spring
DE/Cron then BT/tau...
That is what I've heard but at this point nothing would surprise me.

Basically GW has stated that every thing is getting worked on that does not have a 5th ed dex. Next year Most people think that their will be 3 dexes and that Orks and Ig will fill out more as will Apoc. If BA come out in early spring that will be 3 Imp dexes in a row..( IG/SW/BA)and that will drive the Xenos players mad.....GW has Said next year will be a WFB heavy year and that 2011 will be a LOTR Hobbit heavy ( if the movie ever makes it out, lawsuits baby!) but most won't care about either of those lines.... Bring the Xenos !

But what do I know...

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