Saturday, August 8, 2009

Question: When do you have TOO many Space Marines?

This might be the case...
In light of the movie release this weekend I thought I would break all the Marines out.

I lost track of what I had PAINTED.

I have around 10 Assault Marines, 15 more scout snipers, 2 LR Helios's, 1 LRC , 2 droppods, and 5 Vanguard marines Primed.
The boxed stuff would make you sick

Some highlights from the note I took:
27 DA Vets
More of the vets
The Command.... COBRA Command that is.
A measly 40 Tac marines painted. I'm not a big fan...
10 Sternguard with a strong Ordos Xenos flavor
Padro Cantor in Urban Camo (Firefly -esque)
Slamming Sammy on bike , 18 mixed Devs
My Aries LR Variant... Yes GW mine was finished last year , well before the new SW 3 TL Assault Cannon LR. Mine has 3 TL Assault cannons, A Demolisher Cannon, Spaced FW armor, but carries 0 troops. Also to the right is a FW LR Promie
LR Redeemer and a LRC
Another LRC
Ravenwing bikes. 12 bikers with 2 assault bikes, note the Pikes on most of the bikers.
18 Devs. The helms. are colors for each weapon type. All types of Vipers from the original Joe line, Heat , Laser, SAW, Incinerators, Heat v2...
Padro C. as Firefly can't really see the camo pattern
Az as Serpentor... WitD has the Cobra Helm
20 Assault Termies, 40 Regular Termies
8 Dreads
more of the Dreads (BATs) and a Techmarine (Technoviper)
LR Terminus Ultra w/Vet Sgt Chronus ( Hiss driver)
3 FW Dread drop pods, 1 reg drop pod, you can really see the difference in size. The Dread one dwarf the new GW ones.

MotC and Siccaius (SP)

I'm getting close to being "Finished" but knowing GW there will be more marines released .... never ending.
Sorry about the quality of the picts, bad lighting out in the dining room.

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