Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unleash the HOUNDS of HELL pt2

Well it's finished , I magnetized the main weapon which was a P.I.T.A.
It required some quick dremil work to enlarge the opening and open the inside up to fit a tiny magnet.

The turret is neat in that it has Spaced armor... Nice touch! you can just barely see it in the heads on shot. You can only fit the armor on one way with the way every thing is slotted.

My few gripes are kinda minor I wish it the weapons were slotted like the ones on the new Demolisher kit. If you were going to run a full squadron of them magnetizing would be a long process.

There are no Accessories at all. There is no room to fit any thing else on the two sprews and GW has not included a IG tank upgrade sprew , no you have to pay an extra $13.50 for one of them...

Lastly for my it is just a Pet Peeve. Why are the weapons split in two? Could they have not molded them in one piece ?

Over all
+ Easy as Pie to put together
+ Good base kit for all the IG Light tanks
+ Highly detailed all plastic, so get modding!
+ Nice that all the weapon choices are included
+The Chem/Gas/Melta Fuel tank, hosing is crazy detailed! I'm sure some modders will make a fuel station out of it.
+ Neat little detail touches. Spaced Armor on turret! Heavy Armor on the front of the Hull

- The cost... No way this kit should cost the same thing as the Demolisher
- No Tank Accessory' all other than the Commissar with Gas mask
- Main weapons need a bit more work , They don't need to look like Adult Novelties.

It worth a good look, for me the cost would be the only thing prohibiting me from running a full squadron .

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