Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sneak peak of an Up comming event.

The first of maybe 6-8 Bastions... hell they are much cheaper than FW stuff
and totally modular... You can even combine multiple kits ( hint hint). They are a great buy and very neat kit.

By the Way I did not pay for the Sky-shield... It has to be one of the worst kits ever made, and defiantly the worst kit since the Kroot-Ox.
(I won it at the BIG WAAAGH! for kicking ass with the Titans and taking out a lot of Ork and Chaos Titans....)
It can barely support the GW Valk, the FW will Crush it, trust me Me and Jason found out first hand. I'm going to have to reinforce it to take some heavy weight FW Air support kits ( hint hint)

A downed FW Valk! Nifty (hint hint)

FW missile silo. I'm sorry, I'm absolutely taken with this very basic kit.It's sturdy , heavy , highly detailed, and not too crazy expensive for a FW kit.

Bah! Mobile hydras are for sissy's , Fixed ones make awesome Terrain

These picts will give you a hint of what Jason and I are gearing up for this Fall. it should be fairly easy to guess what the theme maybe...

Couple hints:
It's themed...
It's gonna be "BIG" so big it just might be "Apocalyptic" in nature (Wink Wink).
These kits are just a the tip of the iceberg.
Lastly it will be Invites only.

If we don't know you or you are a ASS HAT you won't be invited.

LOL! ASS HAT thank you 40k radio guys... my new fav. phrase.

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