Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unleash the HOUNDS of HELL

Ok here are the 2 sprews , That's it in the box except the cool high quality instructions ( that has fluff on it now) and the transfer sheet. No IG accessory sprews
The sides go together easy as pie, no road wheels to worry about ( YEAH!)

The treads are not marked as to deference the side, because they are the same, and they only go on one way... you cant screw them up... easy as pie
Here I start the mods so as to be able to swap out the hull weapon. I cut some plasticard and glued them on the inside of the cab on the top and bottom of the opening. Then I took a Polystyrine "I" beam i use for Cities of Death kits and glued it across the opening with the indention of the " I" facing outward. I put a small Rectangular Rare Earth magnet in there, and bam! Easy as pie swap outs , and the weapons sit like they are glued to the hull.
By the way this is what the base for all the IG "Light" tanks will be ( Hydra, Bassi, Chimera , ETC... so get a good look. The Inside of the hull is textured already.
And the hull from the back side...Look Mom textures!

The magnetized Hull weapons
Snap in place... it not as easy as the new Demolisher but it works....
The Chem/gas/melta fuel tanks , the mount on a platform the then is glued to the floor of the chassis.
Here are some more shots of the finished hull
I'll put up the Turret build and over all review of the kit Tomorrow night

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