Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to base a titan, and a quick Visual tour

Hey I'm a big old Space marine..... Yeah Right! ha!
I'm barely taller then the Reaver's toe....lol ,Well my feathered Plume makes me taller than the toe....

Here is a little shot for you all to see how big the Reaver titan is.
I grabbed what I had around, Sarricaus and a FW Dread Droppod. I'll put a shadowsword up next to it for more reference...

Well I wanted to put it on a base/bases but The feet are 6" in diameter which put it at the max for the custom foam I ordered. So I had to magnitise
the bases for transport or removal.
I had to Drill up in to the feet and use several smaller magnets, instead of the honkers I used on the Arms/weapons. If I had used them on the feet it would have sat the titan up about 1/4 and inch and most likely would have damaged it apon removal do to how strong the pull is on them.

!A tip for you if you try this is to put the magents in the "toes" vs the pad of the foot. If you put them in th epad the base is more likely to fall off , where in the toes the magnets pull is spaced out over a larger area so the base is much less likly to fall off or get bumped and moved.!

I threw in some of the resin bits from the basing kits to add a little spice ( easter egg if you look closly, hint I needed another eldar head since the Phantoms and Rev's are piloted by twins or triplets) but basicly did not do a lot other than my standard urban basing mix of like 4 different gravels, coals, and rock. The model should speak for it self, and I did not want a bunch of stuff that could fall off the base like my T-bolts base which was all sceenic but my rocks and bits keep falling off.
Void Shield gernerators and engine hatch.
Apocaplyse Missile Launcher...Each missle warhead is seprate and has to be painted and centered in the tube which can be a P.I.T.A. since the paint takes up the small gap inbetween the two. You may want to file them down a bit before prime and paint.The back end... not much to see here move along! Move along!
Just vents basicly, but its got some serious JUNK in the Trunk its basicly 3 large solid pices of resin , or a bit of Quasimoto going on. This is like this to counter ballance the front and the weapons.

I went for some Ad Mech colors on the logos and ribbions.

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