Sunday, June 28, 2009

What to do...while waiting?

Well it feels like Hell here in Alabama ( none of the 7th layer jokes ok...) Upper 90's with what feels like 100% humidity.

I was to go over and help Jason out this weekend on his Big buddy, but his work shop is in his garage and it's way to hot to do any thing out there till dusk. So I had to find some things to do to occupy my time. I have tones of little projects to work on and don't really feel like starting my IG yet.

So I guess is off to the work bin.

Well I opened up 2 of the Shadowswords I had lying around and primed them, since I will need them shortly, I've gotten pretty good at building STC models with all the Land Raiders I've built and the 3 Super heavy tanks too. So start to finish they will take about 1 week.

The other thing I reached in for since the Iron Clad is coming out in 2 weeks is my final FW dread drop pod. I've built 2 so far , and I love them compared to the ( questionable build) GW Drop pods. I think the GW ones have taken a special place in my heart that used to be reserved for the mk2 Landspeeder, A really $#!%& build kit that was not thought out well.

So I've started in on last of my supply of Midnight Blue GW paint, but it had to be done (ps: if any body has a back stock of it I'd love to buy it or trade for some). The build is not too tough compared to some of the other FW kits, but I've learned that pining is key for strenght and also to keep it in one piece you have to magnetise the doors. Of the of these kits I've built this one was in by far the worst shape. Tons of flash , warping , flash gating, and get this 1/2" thick piece of Resin warped badly....

This required a lot of prep work in front of the build, I had to heat /cool the pieces in boiling water then press them between two Pharmacy encyclopedias ( they weigh about 20 lbs each and are about 5" thick). This took about 1 night get rid of the warping, they had to dremmil all the rough spots and flash gates off. Then prime , and well you see were I'm at now.

I've also started finishing up on a second 5 man squad of Stern guard Marines. I don't know why I had not finished them, since they have been sitting up on my work table since before the titan came in...

Any way enjoy the picts, and get ready for the Planetstrike and Marine wave 2....

On to the Big waaagh!

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