Monday, February 22, 2010

Bull's Gaming table

Well things have been a bit quite recently. So I started a big project. I can't leave the house for extended periods of time due to the new puppy, and I want to get some gaming in , so I did the most logical thing to me. Build a huge gaming table that takes up enough room that I can park a car in my garage any more...well I might squeeze the wife's sedan in.

Needless to say my Wife was absolutely Thrilled! ;)
It is on locking castor's so that I can "move" it ( it's huge and weighs over 100 lbs). It is extra reinforced with deck building materials and Deck grade lumber.
The paint looks a bit spotty , but it really is not, it has several layers to the black , so it is a bit irregular wood look in the picts. Up close it is satin black..
The top is Fleck stone paint, so it is kinda like having a game mat on it, but is fairly smooth and looks like gravel or stone.
Yeah it is a big table, a full sheet of plywood, so I will just mark it off for standard games.
It also has a fully braced and supported top and lower shelf. There is a small shelf that runs along the out side the table but under the gaming surface. This is for "gaming aides" such as loaded dice and Adult beverages.

It is playable now, but I'm going to add a raised arm rest that is slightly elevated over the edge the the game surface. This will serve two purposes. First it's and arm rest.... second it will help keep units and dice from falling off the play surface.

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