Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Ain't Edwards Army... and they don't glimmer

New art from GW...
and the press release

This is a compilation of all the reasonable rumors and release lists complied from several trusted sources... Light NaCl will be needed for the release list
A heavy Shake of NaCl for the rules...

Ok for all you Emo Goth Vampire want-a-be's here is a warning Go Home and listen to some old Depesh Mode and get Twilight books out and hide in your parents basement...Cause the Blood Angels are back and look to take the crown for the most Overpowered codex yet.

This army will be an Assault lovers Dream. Don't get me wrong , the Nids can be choppy, but are mainly a horde army as a foil to the IG Shooty horde and the Ork Mixed horde.
If you like Jump packs you will be a hog in filth.

I've pieced the most reliable BA release schedule together and there are some decent surprises.
As we all know by now GW is tight lipped on any thing till the month before/current White Dwarf come out during the release schedule.

here goes:
March (in conjunction with the Battle Missions Add on book)
2 sets
New plastic Pread Tank with Baal Pred options
New Ven Dread/Dread kit ( some debate if it includes both reg and ven, most likely just Ven) with Furiso options...

April ( leaning mid to late month release over 2-3 weeks)
4/5 new kits (2 metal, 2 plastic)*
BA Codex
BA Assault marine box ( 10 models plastic), includes all the BA Upgrades sprews ( jump packs!)
BA Death Company (Metal /or plastic) interesting thing ...NO JUMP PACKS included
BA Exalted (metal ) think Vanguard Vets

And The biggy....
BA Tantalus ( Tarantula?) Lander ( plastic kit) It uses a Valk flight stand , and the word is to think Flying Land Raider/Razorback type vehicle ( This is reportedly very Hush Hush and to be a big surprise) is also the source of the Deep striking Land Raider rumors that came out in the past few weeks*

(3 metal ,1 plastic)*
Victor and Unholt (metal)
BA Scouts (Metal)

Then the Metal blisters for the IC's and the Shoulder pads ( Splash---> D.O.)

The totals are
3 new plastic**
3 new Metal
3-7 Metal blisters

*some question as to when the Tant Lander comes out, not all of June's stuff has been revealed
**Not including the 2 general Marine releases

Rumors are that the:
whole army get base 2 Attacks
Furious Charge ( whole army)
Mephiestophion(SP) is a 300+ pt monster
Dreads are a huge part of the army (3 per Heavy slot?Heavy slot?)
Assault marines are/can count as Troops
Death CO is now Optional...
Some new Tech Marine ( Master of the forge?)
Tychio has 3 different stats ( like 3 different versions?)
Rhinos still have turbo charged engines , and Razorbacks may get it too
Possible IC Dread like the SW one....

God forbid and maybe the most horrid thing I've read :there may be a unit that has Bat wings.....

As stated compiled from multiple sources (B &C, Warseer,Dakka) cause there is a lot of crap out there right now to wade threw

All is subject to change but I'm fairly certain on the kits at least. The army rules stuff not so much.

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