Friday, January 15, 2010

Intresting GWUSA/NA developments

I try to follow the financial information on GW , cause from time to time there are some significant information leaks that have an impact on the gaming community at large.

This one has started popping up today.

So the general gist of it is that GW NA ain't doing as well as expected... ( Might have some thing to do with the crazy high prices and long lead time between codei?maybe...some thing they may want to look in to).

So Tom Kirby ( not the comic book guy) is setting up shop here in MD to, well I really don't know what do. Right the sinking ship, learn how modern business run, get out of the frozen UK, watch how non "English cottage" industry works? Who knows, but the general feeling is that this is not a "Good Thing" as on Jail bird Billionaire says.

I would look for massive restructuring as to how GW does business in the "Colonies" soon. GW has tried before to push English way of doing things over here, but it really has not worked so far, and I think they may try to do it again ... unsuccessfully yet again.

There is only so much water you can squeeze out of a rock, and recently the gamming community has started pushing back.

More as it unfolds.....

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