Monday, January 25, 2010

Quick GW USA update and FW updates

On the GW NA side of thing , the shake up has already started in the Management
side of things since Kirby Came to town.

GW NA Hq on the move to ..... Memphis. They are closing up shop in MD. The move will be finished before July of this year. There is some speculation as to the Fate of the Battle bunker in MD, since it shared space and rent with the NA Corp HQ. Some of the higher ups that were not in favor of the move have been made redundant ( Pink slip/fired).

Word is that the Gamesday will remain in Baltimore this year, after that who knows? Reason being that they can't get a cheap location to run it in Memphis on short notice ( Cook County Convention center seemed to have a bunch of room when the Big Waaagh was going on last year)

On the FW side.
New Valk variant spotted... it's as predicted a Cargo carrier , like a Sky Crain helo or the Thunderhawk Transporter. No troop area , 4 claws that clamp on to a vehicle or box like object.
Has missile pods and nose gun still

A big Ork siege style tank. Think a Space marine Vindicator up sized by a factor of 2 with a Gargant big lobba cannon for it's main gun. Don't expect a whole lot of new Elysian and Raven Wing marines with IA 8...and 9 they are going to be back to back and have 3 ork factions per book apparently. Both should be released closely together opposed to the IA5-6-7 over 3 years.

That's it...

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