Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nid Info Scuttles out of the Hive... Finally!

GW has had Info locked up tighter than Ft. Knox even though the Nids come out NEXT MONTH!
There are some confirmed picts of the prototype Trygon/Locjaw too, but no model picts yet so no linky linky.

Thanks The Dude and all others listed.

This is from Warseer:

Thank you Carnassire for the picts yeah they are not so good but you get the Idea

Gargoyles: Released 16 Jan 2010 - £18.00 / US$29.00 / 22,75€ / Oz$48.00 – Brimstone tells us Fleshborers are the only weapon option (or any other option) on the sprues and says each model consists of: Left wing, Right wing, Head, Left arm, Right arm with Fleshborer, main body with tail and half torso, other Torso half. I have been told they still come with flying bases (ie not sculpted scenic bases).

Raveners:(Plastic 3 models) Released 16 Jan 2010 – Shown in White Dwarf:

Venomthrope:(Metal Blister - 1 Model) Released 16 Jan 2010 - – Stickmonkey tells us they come on a 40mmm base and are quite tall, solid minis, possibly prone to tipping. Silverstu describes them as looking like the current Tyrant Guard, but leaping forward and armed with a large ranged weapon similar to a huge Spike Rifle.

Hive Guard:(Metal blister) Released 16 Jan 2010 –

The Gargoyals look Spiffy... the Raveners are retarded expensive for a smaller plastic kit.... Venomthrope is interesting yet very fragile looking , while the Hive Guard look very $#*&y bad pict and bad model

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