Friday, December 4, 2009

Crazy Kage post spotted!!!

Howdy kidz! I haven’t been doing anything with the blog as of late for I am working in retail. As many of you already know, retail during the holiday season is a bit like being assigned to a penal legion. This will all change in January as I may have a better career within the IT department of AT&T.

At any rate, Jamie (the post master on this blog) has been telling me that there are a lot of request for updates on projects that are being worked on like the Vulture. I have to control my 40K ADD to get this stuff done but there are three in the soup. First, my IG battalion is being worked out to around 15k to 20k of points, second task is Jamie’s Christmas gift, and third is this year’s tree ornament (first year’s is at the bottom of this blog site). On the side, we are both working on Apoc data sheets from our site for you to use.

The Vulture has been degreased and primed for building and will be worked on soon. For now, I will show ya my homemade Trygon. This thing is about two years old but still one of my favorite models to play. You can make one of thee things easily.

You will need:
1 carnifex model
1 brass wire about 21/2” long
2 brass wires about 1/2" long
green stuff
sculp tool
pin vice or small drill
extra spiky nid bitz
glue and paint of course

Step one: put together the body of the Fex. Next take the wire and poke it through the middle of the base. Bend it in such a way that it will remain upright on top. Drill a hole on the bottom of the tail and cut the end of the tail off. Bend the cut off tail to the desired position; you will need to wrap most of it around the base with green stuff later. Test fit and then glue the tail on the wire attached to the base.

Next, drill a hole in the body of the fex and test fit with the tail. This wire is what is going to pin the tail and body. With out this, you may not get the right posture and loose stability. Pay close attention at the posture of the bug in this stage. Mine maybe a bit too hunched over but if you go too far up then all the thing will every see is sky instead of prey. Btw, as far as the husk/back, the normal seemed to be the logical choice.

Once that you figured out the posture, insert the pin and glue it. At this point some green stuff was applied to the top of the ball on the tail. The green stuff will fill in the gaps and it is easy to sculpt to look like bug skin.

Get your green stuff and make a tail. Attach it to the end of the tail and begin to wrap it around the base. Use the nid bits as shown to make it look covered in Armour. Use the sculpting tool to carve segments in the tail. Don't forget to add some bits on the end.

Use the other wire to make a pin for the head and body in the same fashion as the tail and body. I used the head with tusks, as it just looks mean. Again, green stuff was used between the body and head to make a better fit. Glue the talons on using the larger ones on front/top. Use green stuff to attach the smaller talons where the legs of the fex normally go. 

Next is the prime and painting.   That's it!  Go play!

Space Marines have a crunchy outer shell with a gooey center.