Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Any one looking for a Figure Case? Foam Wars EPI 2

There are some decent deals on Game cases on Black Friday.

Sabol (army transport for those not in the know) is running there usual Black Friday sale. 25% off every thing.... not bad, usually will wait for it when I need one, load up on Foam ( I've got racks of it in the basement)... the 26-29th, online only, a code is needed at check out, pm me if needed.

Battlefoam has countered ....
25% off Every thing, including custom cut stuff and the new Thunderhawk mega case.
Free Shipping on the 1520 ! with the 25% off! That can be a huge deal for International people that have been on the fence over getting one due to the very high shipping costs and just the normal high costs associated with these Bentley like cases.

It is a bit late to try the send in your old case thing ( could not be applied in time but still going on) , but if you call in an order ( 6am-6pm PST on the 27th only) you can place an order for a custom cut foam and case , but can get them hold the order till you get the custom specs in for the foam at a later date.

Either way, AWESOME news for any one on a budget or that have been holding out for a good deal on a figure case.

Lets just say I may be doing some shopping , but the misses may kill me... at least it won't say Nottingham England as the sent from location... Those are very hard to explain.... She knows that about $500+ just went Poof!

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