Sunday, September 13, 2009

Terrain Work detail...hup hup hup

Sorry I've not posted in a while...things on the home front have been crazy busy and my back has been out so, I've not really done a lot.

I have been working the past 3-4 days on some terrain.
So here we go.

This is the B.A.B., still a work in progress. All I got to say is 16 Heavy Bolters and 4 roof turrets ( Lascannons for right now)
I've painted it, even though it does not look like it. It is a Panzer Grey with a slight misting of Euro Grey over the top...
I've also put some colored transfer in behind each window.. With a light source on the inside it looks nifty! (hint light source is coming)
More of the red tinted windows
Here is the roof section, Flat black with Blot gun metal dry brushed on top then a watered down was of BGM on top of that to show use and exposure to the elements... I throw a was of Denab black or Devlan Mad on top of that
This is the Sky Shield.... I've gotten CHEM burns and cut my fingers multiple time working on this kit...

Don't worry about the Garish yellow and Blue, the blue is just paint masking tape, and will be replaced with Chaos Black.
I painted the op with a High metallic Aluminum Spray , then hit it with a dusting ( very light ) of Flat black spray... it actually added some good texture ... kinda like singe marks from engines of the craft that landed on it.
Here is one of the legs.
Here are some of the "left over" parts from the 4 Bastions that went in to B.A.B.

2 mini Bastions or elevated Gun platforms. Just waiting on the Bastion upgrade packs to come in... right now they don't have a roof or weapon systems....

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