Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hini Flu? You know H1N1...

Well where I work the big buzz is the Hini Flu... you know H1N1... it's not Swine flu since it has Avian and Porcine RNA in it ( Pig and Bird single strand DNA, Have degree in Animal science :) from the "Cow college") and the USDA does not want it called that to keep pigs from getting blamed for it.

We will be well past the peak of it before the vac comes out here in Ala. I have to get it do to my line of work.

What does this have to do with GW and 40K you may ask?

Well what do you do if you get Hini or one of your kids gets it and your work abides by the CDCC and forces you out of work for at least 7 days? You can't take Tami-flu any more...

What Projects would you do if you are stuck at home , but really are not Sick?
What 40k projects would you do?

Lets hear from the readers ?

Me well the list would be huge..... every body has seen my work in progress pile...
I think I would try and crank out a Baneblade & Shadow Sword , and say 3-4 boxes of Death wing Termies.... For me I think I could ( and have in 1-2 days) cranked out 2 painted Banes with out a problem.

Maybe start the file and clean up work on the Thunder Hawk....

What Say you ?
Locked up at home for 7 days what projects would you do... or would you just be a loaf and sleep/play the lame L4D video game.... ;)

Emperor's fist Tank CO?
A Full IG Platoon?
Sarcaius Spear?

Lets hear about your 7 day builds?

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