Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sorry things have been busy

Things have been very hectic for the past week or two. Sorry for no updates.

I have been working on the Big Ass Bastion, it for the most part is ready for Paint. I primed it last night, but I have left off the Turrets and the Fluff giblets for more detailed work. Also Jason found out that both Hobbytown USA in the Bham area are closing... So on Sat I went out and picked up some building supplies at 30% off, Jason made a further trip and got even more at 50% off. You will ask what does this have to do with all the terrain I'm building?

I got colored thin sheets of lexan/plasti-card... Windows baby! Also picked up "I" beams and Girders made of Plasticard. This will help with some of the massive amounts of COD terrain that we both have. Just a bit more detail for the kits basically.... I've used them on past kits I build and they really look good. Jason Also picked up a heat gun... so I can finally start trying to straitening the Thunderhawk. I may need to hit up Radio shack be fore I'm finished with it.

The Skyshield is ready for paint too. I glued two of my fingers together working on it, and later found out I had Accelerator on my finger too, Nasty chem burn. It did not hurt till the next morning. This makes me hate this crappy kit even more at this point. I may have solved the weight bearing issue of it... Brass Pipe under the center of it. If it won't hold a Thunderhawk now , I don't think it ever will. ( picts to follow)

The Crashed FW valk has had it's first 3 coats of paint .... Earth, OD Green and Bolt gun metal, now for the detail work. In a couple fourms some people think I built a Valk and then purposely destroyed it to make the terrain.... I'm crazy ( built a bastion with 4 bastion kits and 2 Shrine of the Aquila kits, have a Reaver titan and Thunderhawk) but I'm not that good with green stuff. I've repeatedly stated it was a FW kit and no one either believes me or they just don't read my posts. Either way me destroying a Valk or buying the FW kit , I think the fw kit was more.
It does not matter it Still looks cool. Picts to follow

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