Friday, September 4, 2009

Did Anyone Catch This Bug?

I know that I have been out for a week but I happened to notice a few interesting Nid figs in this month's WD. Jame said that they have been confirmed to be rehashed old models but some of these things look too current to be a bitz construct.

One looks like a new kind of Fex with those wrecker claws from Forgeworld

There is a Zoan that looks sleeker like the ones in Aliens.

Then there are the bugs that are slightly larger than warriors. It would seem to me that they maybe Tyrant guards. Either way they look great!
As I have been warned, I am probably way off base about this as your emails and comments will tell. That's OK. I will go ahead and apologize for wasting your time with THIS lack luster post (pics and all), however, if it turns out that these are new bugs you should look back and say,"That Crazy Kage is a silly little bitch!" I just didn't see many talking about it and felt that it was my duty to this blog to bring it to your attention. Cheers