Monday, August 17, 2009

What's up Next?

Well since I won't be doing a Space wolf army , or a BA, Nid, or DE army I will have some time to "catch up" on some out lying projects.

Like terrain, DA Deathwing, their rides, and Tau tanks and Aircraft.

I just got a box from Nottingham today....
In it was some new goodies...
A Second Tri laser blaster for Li'bull for Ultimate Cheese in Apoc games.
A Thunder Turkey... or as Marine players call them a Thunderhawk

In fact Thunderhawk #839... Which is quite interesting since I've never seen one and only know Jama From Battlefoam has a Loota conversion. I did not think that many had sold.

That tells me some thing though 839 *375=roughly 315,000GBP that FW has collected. And Why has GW NOT made a plastic kit yet? Oh yeah because it would fly off the shelves... they must hate money lol!

Also got a Vulture with some Punisher Gats for under the wing...
I'll start the build soon , and I will put it up for all to see... It looks like a nice kit... big too, I like big ... must be over compensating for some thing...


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