Monday, August 17, 2009

Editorial: I'll say up front, I'm not impressed!

I let the hype get the better of me.

For the Amount of money GW is asking for Space Hulk I will not be getting it.
Not worth it, but I'm sure it will sell well. I was looking for a bit more for at that price point.
The Cardboard tiles for me are a big let down, and one of the reasons I won't vote with my pocket book. Even if it had come with some basic plastic tiles , GW could have issued Expansion kits with more later on.

The models/figures look to be some of the best sculpts from GW, but the non standard base may cause some issues if used in normal 40k. I sure if you want to you could glue them on a Standard Round base. The genestealers may cause some LOS issues , but this is a Board game, not standard 40k. I do know that there were a bunch of people looking to get this game just for the models though.

GW stores and black box store fronts ( Black box store is basically its a demo kit that select stores can get with pre release stuff) should have their demo kits latter this week , so I may have to make the trip and see what all the fuss is about.

Flame On!

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