Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hellhound and Demolisher

Jason got 1 of each right now to try them out.

I drew the assembly of the hellhound. Man GW is really got there ducks in a row. Both these kits rock. The instructions are by far the best to come out of GW period. Clear, have words on the multiple languages , they show the options for the weapons and they also show how to make the weapons modular on the Demolisher kit.

The reason I got the Hell hound is that I'm a bit more experienced in hiding magnets in weapons so they look stock but can be swapped out. The main gun on the hell hound will require some very small magnets that are fairly strong, while the Hull weapon actually gives room for a fairly decent sized rectangular magnet.

More on this during the build up and photos.
One thing to note GW has cut the numbers of sprews in HALF on both kits while adding more stuff on each sprew. In the case of the Demo, kit it gave up all the road wheels and the treads lost some detail compared to the old LR kit.

Some interesting notes ...

On both kits the Chimera and LR will both have different sprews since there are weapon specific options on both of the sprews... Less weight for shipping and smaller boxes wile loosing the ability for them to just do a turret/weapon sprew. ( intresting choice)

Both kits have some odd details that seem to indicate some upcoming releases. There is interior floor detail on both kits....
In the Demolisher case this would be a good indication of the Colossus siege gun carrier ( the FW kit is mounted on a LR chassis not a Chimera as most people think) and maybe the griffin morter carrier.
The Hellhound one can defiantly see the bases for a new Chimera and Bazzi with some of the interior details .

I'll start on the hell hound later today and start work on a much wanted Baneblade conversion too. Lets just say the Stormlord ain't got noting on what I've got planed, By-by horde armies and Aircraft. Picts to follow both build ups.

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