Thursday, July 30, 2009

IG Wave 3?

Some more scuttlebutt out of the back rooms in Chi town GD. This came out of the retailer closed door, so this may or may not be true and I will change this if I find out it is not to pass or some of the info is incorrect.

IG wave 3 will include
1.New Basilisk kit that will make at least 3-4 if not all the Artillery in the new dex

2. Stormtroopers! I don't know if these will be the plastic ones that have had picts of them floating around for about a year , with them armed with shotgun/scatter guns.

3. Hydra... FW won't be happy, but many peoples pocket books will be. This kit MAY come with the parts for the Manticore too. ( not a big stretch since the FW one is the same kit as the Hydra with just different weapons).

That leaves just the Deathstrike, the LR, and New Chimera. The LR and Chimera both have new kits on the way and the LR will make all but 1 of the remaining kits that have rules ( my bet the Ext is the one that gets left out). The DS may never get a kit.

There is no time line for wave 3 , but with the new ork stuff ( Plastic Kans 3 pack, new buggy 3pack, possibly plastic mega armor nobs) falling in Jau-WAAAGH-ry as normal for orks, the Blood angels(either may or Sept/Oct) , and Nids( reverse of BA's) as the big releases , and some Big Apoc kits (usually falling in March/April) , I'd shoot for early summer or late summer like August ( same times for the Ig releases this year). It looks like next year will be full , even though 40k is said to be taking a "back seat" to WFB.

No word on Planetstrike/Apoc style expansion next year yet, or a big summer campaign. Look for possible Necron and Black Templar's also , and the Dark angels possibly getting another revision ( I find this very hard to believe with how recent the DA codex is, but for me a Mega Anti Ultramarine -marine dex may be the way to go... since the BT,BA,and DA all are different than the smurf legions, to me this makes the most sense but I'm not a GW employee so it won't happen , but if it does I'm the one that told you

Thanks to the usual sources in the land down under and the UK.

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