Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Big WAAAGH ! War on the Floor photos

This was from the Sunday game, Jason played in it , and Stompy ( the little stompa that could) was reaking havoc....

More Sunday picts

You can barely see the top of my Reaver here.
I think this was near the start of the game since there were some Gargants and Sompas still there ;)

This a shot of the center of the board/floor with the lake, I was freaking out when I saw the 3 Brass scorps, A stormlord may just be visible

A little better pict of the right flank be for some of the big nasties showed up

Forces of "order" lol
Both teams took jammers at the beginning.
I got Reserves so which ever titan got gatted, it would be back, unfortunately I never got to use it since I took out pritty much every thing that could hurt them, the reaver was struggling though by the end of the game thanks to a Necron lord taking over the emperor and firing on the reaver. Kinda a lame rule but so is Reinforcements. The reaver had it Missile rack and a stunned Gat blaster, no structure points gone.

Setting up I think. Forces of "Disorder", which is kind of funny , since they had Eldar, and we had thousand suns chaos and dark Eldar...and traitor guard too!

This is before every on got started, I could not fit every thing in.

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