Monday, July 27, 2009

As expected Chi town GD fairly uneventful, but some Scuttle butt did come out

Not much to report News wise

1. IG moving to all Plastic, along with some of the other regiments beyond the two C's (Cats and Cads) so we may see some Valhalla's and DKoK's style Greatcoats. Also I don't know if "all plastic" also meens the Special CH's , cause it that did it would be aweson for conversions and keeping the cost down.

2. BA's and Nid's were both confirmed and unconfirmed at the same time. What does that meen? Well to me it meens they are alot closer than many think.

3. DE are being worked on but got bumped due to other armies being further along in development. SW , Nid,BA, and now looking like Cron are further along in development. The DE are getting a fairly Comprehensive redo including models.

4. Crons are coming sooner than most thought. There will be a significant "Hints" to them and the new/er background for them. I don't know of a total scrap of the original fluff, but the indications are that it has changed significantly. A good look at what is coming would be the write up in the Apocaplyse book with the different "colors" of lords and how the tomb worlds respond to threats. Jervis says that some hints to them and how they will work are being inserted in to newer works before they come out. So my guess is in some of the codex's and BL books. This is kinda cool, I've been waiting to start a "bad/evil" army for a while and I don't really consider Tau bad and the Crons were at the top of my list. I my have to wait now.

5. They would not talk about the wolves even though they come out in Oct, by of leaks from some very informed sources and them not being on the trade sheets threw the end of Sept. Picts of the grey hunters, and bloodpack upgrades are out there, as well as them dumping the LeMR Exc. for the a new ( and stolen idea from me mind you, since I've had it together for like 1.5-2 years) all Assault cannon armed Land Raider. No word if they are all Twin linked.
(Props to Harry and Hastings at Warseer).

6. Apparently the Banblades , Shadowswords, and Stompas are selling very well, and the reason I say this is that Jervis said that there are some really BIG Apoc kits coming out soon... well #1-#2's on most peoples hit list for FW-to GW plastic conversions are .... Warhound and Thunderhawk... both are really Huge kits compared to a Bane or a Stompa. This would be awesome for me shince I want some "flankers" for Lil' Bull and the death wing needs some umpf other than land raiders. It also help out the pocket book now that the US dollar is going back to the tank now that the market is getting back up to steam. For me and Jason this is great news...

7. No word on the mystery box and no word on Space hulk... even though they are most likly the same thing.

8. Chaos Dwarves make a return to WHF.

9. Next year a big year for WHF , kinda like how this year is mostly WH40K. So I guess my CC will finally stop melting and my wallet may actually have some cash in it for once.

10. Concept drawings of a Adeptius Mechan. Terminators were up for display. What these were about no one was saying but they kinda looked like a Tech marine with conversion beemer.

FW scoop
1. IA7 Vracks III may be released at GD England in Sept. The full dex was up for viewing , and the chaos Reaver is basically the exact same thing as the Imp. also same points cost. The blight drones work alot like landspeeders except when they explode. Thanks Jama at BF

2. IA 8 will have mostly Ork stuff with a new battle waggon, and 7 different trucks. A bunch of new orky gun/cannons will be out too. Some were on display. Thanks again Jama

And if I missed crediting some one I'm sorry. Scryer, Jama, Harry, Hastings, and Brim mad props to you all.

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