Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picts speak for it self

Well as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

I finally got to join the halves tonight. I've been hammering away on the LiL' project. I know the arm weapons are not on yet, that's because of a little engineering I had to do first.

I am very close to being finished with all the trim. I also have the detail work to do on the Carapace Armor. The Waist stabilizers are also being worked on right now. I've finished about Half of the interior so far but I may end up leaving it empty and using 2 prices of plasticard to fill the two gaps left from the Racks not being installed. My main goal was to get it playable.

Now for the main weapons . I got this titan 2 days before they split the weapons up so you could order it all separately . I went for max versatility, so I got one of each weapon. Jason Knows that I am all about f'ning up other players day when playing Apoc games. I will pretty much go Banzai just to make the biggest kill or most carnage on the battle field, even if it means taking out an expensive unit. So My goal now that you can get all the naught bits separately and more carapace armor weapons are soon to follow is this weapon load out: Tri laser arm one, Tri laser arm two, Plasma Blast Cannon Carapace mount. Is that enough D strengh weapons? Nope... but it will have to do. BYE BYE horde army thanks for spending 45 mins deploying.

This is the reason I got a 1" door drill bit and hollowed down about 1/8 of an inch so that I could put some huge magnets in the new reassess.

Alla, Presto, SimSimSalla bim.... removable main weapons that you can swap out or remove for transport. The magnets are strong enough to smash one of my fingers and I'm going to loose a nail I think.
So the weapons are not coming loose during play and I can now order Tri Laser #2 and still have the Gatling blaster for the time being, maybe even a Melta Cannon....

I'd like to thank K&J Magnetics for the excellent magnets and the huge selection of magnets for all my hobby needs.

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